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  1. I'm doing good. It's really nice talking to you again.
  2. Hey!! Yeah I have not been on for AGES!!I'm well nd how are u??
  3. Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you doing?
  4. Hoho . No I don't live the North Pole. I guess your right about that.
  5. Gosh do you live in the North Pole or something? The heat is much worse because if its cold there are a million ways to warm up but if its hot its really hard to cool down.
  6. Trust me, you don't. There are days where I can't feel my fingers.
  7. I don't even remember this thing called COLD wish I did though
  8. That's funny. Over here it's freezing.
  9. Wow by me its like really hot...Global warming struck me hard
  10. It has been cold, long, and boring beyond belief.
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