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  1. Yeah I know. Mostly likely it'll play the whole first season again then it'll play the new one (hopefully).
  2. I'm just waiting for the new episodes it was getting so good. Hopefully season 2 will start soon.
  3. Yeah. Where I am they have just started playing the episodes from the beginning.
  4. I know but i guess we'll hav to keep watching to find out. When ever new episodes start coming on e
  5. While that would be interesting, I hope it doesn't happen.
  6. well thanks but i kinda think that izaya is going to get killed for some reason at the true end of the series.
  7. Nah, it doesn't annoy me if you don't know the character names, there are probably alot of characters you know that I don't. Yeah, it'll definetly be interesting to see how things turn out for Izaya.
  8. but i'm interested to see how things will end for Izaya at the end of the series.
  9. i hope it doesn't annoy you that i don't know all the characters' names yet.
  10. Yeah I like that too. All the people are the pawn of his game. You mean Simon and Shizuo? Yeah those are definitely interesting characters. I love the episode where Simon punches Izaya.
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