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  1. I'm about to write something for I'm in the need of strong drink and smoke, now I only if I actually I drank and smoked
  2. I guess your lucky then. So how are you? *need 50 characters*
  3. I think I've only seen my cat go after a mouse twice and I'm sure she ate it.
  4. Yeah, he's definetly a lazy cat, but he is a good mouser. Problem is, he won't eat his dead prey.
  5. That must be one lazy cat, but so is mine. She's in my bed sleeping right now like she owns the place :/
  6. That's nice. My family owns five cats. Mine is a fat Siamanese named Simon.
  7. Yeah I choose it cause it was cat, I like cats xD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Alright. By the way I like your avatar. *need another 50 characters*
  9. Sure go for it
    *another 50ish characters..........*
  10. Would you like to add me as a friend? *need 50 characters*
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