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  1. hey Dark, sup sorry for not writing for so long, kinda been perocuppied

    how u been? i am aright well e-mail me or Pm and or VM ttyl
  2. hey Trev, sorry for the late reply hope we can chat soon inbox me
  3. hey dark bird, sup i had a lil problem, you know i would never force you to be my friend

    i care about all my friends here. am i a loser? have i evera preyed on you? i am not pedi, like Ranma says i am i need your support my friend. can you help? cya Friends, Raven
  4. ikr. an yes i am in a relationship. sorry i thought i mentioned it

    so what's up? if any i went out today an i am tired now *whew* long day lolz :3 cya Dark bird
    Friends, Raven
  5. well here's the short verisio, ( i'll have to make it short) this 17 yr old on facebook, started obesssively crushing on me, he begged me to love him! i am kept telling him i am in a relationship, etc
    he wouldn't listen, wanted to visit me an date me and it got crazy, until i unfriended him.

    take care Darkbird your friend, Raven
  6. ah i see. yea i am bored sometimes, but do keep busy

    had strange day yesterday on facebook, just ask an i'll give ya the story.
    so what's up? nm here, tv, eating, etc :3 well take care Darkbird. Friends, Raven.
  7. hey darkbird, how's going

    i'm doing alright. tired lil.

    cleaned my bathroom fri. an watched tv mostly this weekend. hope u had a good weekend

    Cya Soon. Friends, Raven.
  8. ah i see i am lookin forward to the weekend too Bleach is on this Saturday

    glad to hear everything is good. cya Friends, Raven
  9. 50 characters? oh sorry i ain't replied in while, been kinda busy etc

    how are you darkbird? i am good, just chillin at home for the most part.

    write back soon. Friends, Raven
  10. like said i didn't really have an x-mas. i mostly sat at home
    watching tv. yea dat be cool to get a pm from ya
    take care Darkbird Friends , Raven
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