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  1. hey Darkbird, how are ya? nm going on, went out today
    now i'm tired from walkin around da store
    i hope you had a good x-mas an new yrs. hope to chat again soon pm me some time ay Friends, Raven
  2. uh my x-mas, was quite i my news years was boring

    other then dat nm going on take care darkbird Friends Raven
  3. yea it does. but oh well. so how are you? i'm doing better.

    well take care darkbird. Friends, Raven
  4. yea i missed ya. how r ya? where ya been? me an my bf broke up
    he's such an asshole.. but found a new guy
    i'm doin okie though.. idc about him anymore. well take care buddy. Friends, Raven
  5. ikr it's totally weird how dat is ay. i understand alota things, cause maybe i never had anybody b sympathic or ever understand i felt my whole ya know. i don't find any folks who r as nice as yu, most em think i'm a needy bitch
    but don't care about what they think , it's pointless for me to worry it gets me nowwhere ya know
    well take care write soon Friends, Raven
  6. it's nice bein friend wit u too

    it's nice to know we click dat way. it's hard to find ppl who share my oppinons about stuf
    Take Care Darkbird Friends, Raven
  7. i don't fear death, fear how i die. yea it was a rough ride. i on my own now, an don't have to worry about them anymore.
    i guess in way we r kinderd spirits in a way, we see black an white, because we know an live in reality
    others think it's all pixie dust an sunshine shootin rainbow outta thier ass. lolz so know how ya feel. well take care darkbird. friends, Raven
  8. i'm glad u found my profile. i do understand how u feel too. u said dat read my "about me" section
    it's sounds like we r on the same wavelink an stuf.
    my life was.. never a charmed one. more like tacky window dressing, an bein allowed to live, because murderin me is against the law that's why "mother" an "father" let me live. or i'd been dead a long time ago. well u take darkbird. your friend, Raven.
  9. cool i'll b round. enjoy yo day dude. Friends, Raven
  10. your welcome. cool. nice to meet ya thanx fo the compliment i like my name too

    hope chat more with u soon. take care Darkbird. friends, Raven
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