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  1. Well what you might consider boring, others might consider exciting, so what "boring" things have been happening in your town lately?
  2. We'll see. No nothing excited has happened yet. Just the same boring stuff.
  3. If you don't think that the truth will work, i'm sure that you'll come up with a good lie that might work.

    So how are you today, did anything exciting happen to you?
  4. I am a good liar, but I don't want her too.:rolls eyes:
  5. Lol, that's it!xD

    Just tell her mother everything you just told me, and she just might believe you, or she might think that you're a good liar who doesn't just want her daughter, but you also want HER too!
  6. Um, sorry, I'll pass. Besides, I couldn't "pick her up" even if I wanted to, I've got a girlfriend.
  7. Haha, well i'll leave that up to you to tell some girl's mother about this site.
    Just try not to let her think that you're trying to "pick up" her daughter, because that's what her mother thinks all of us who were talking to her were trying to do.:/
  8. That sucks, maybe someone should inform her about this site, somehow.
  9. Yeah, I thought so too.^^

    But I guess her mom thinks that people are "hitting" on her daughter here, so I don't know if she'll let her come back.:/
  10. Yeah, she is. Even if she is lying, she seems nice and is interesting to talk to.
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