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  1. Wow, really?
    That's a long time, but I guess that means that this is a good place to be at.
  2. I don't know about the forum, but I know people here who have been hre since 2001.
  3. That's good, one of the reasons why I even decided to join here was because I was hoping to meet new people, and I have!xD

    Do you know how long this forum has been around?
  4. It used to be yeah, but I still like coming here and I still talk to alot of my friends.
  5. Well thank you for the warm welcome, i'm Ranma, and it's nice meeting you.^^

    Tell me something, did this forum ever used to be really active?
  6. Hello. I see you are relatively new to Anime Online. Let me welcome you, I am Darkbird the Scarred.
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