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  1. Lol, well even if they didn't, they could always take you, and they'd probably let you pilot the spaceship. I'm sure that sounds alot better than driving a car.XD
  2. Possibly. Maybe someday they will come back and take my sister.
  3. Oh i'm sure that something must happen there, like possibly "alien" sightings?
  4. I'm doing good, just really tired lately. Nothing new happens around here much.
  5. Lol, awesome.

    Well i'm doing okay, I got off of work late, so that's why I couldn't respond to your message earlier.:/

    All I really did today was rake a yard up of dead grass and leaves, planted some grass seed, put down some fertilizer, and watered a lawn. Sounds simple and easy, but it took me over 6 hours just to do the front yard and it was only half of it. So i'll be going back maybe Thursday to finish it.

    So how are things with you, anything new?^^
  6. Same here, I can't talk till Tuesdays too. So how are you?
  7. Lol, that sounds like a TRUE brother and sister relationship.

    Don't worry though, once you and her are in your 40s and you're married and have kids of your own either the two of you will hardly ever see each other, or you might actually start getting along.

    And just so you know, if you decide to respond to this I won't be able to get back to you until Tuesday, because the library opens back up then. So until then, see you and take care^^
  8. On good days, we just tolerate each other's existence.
  9. Haha, okay that's cool too.^^

    So are you and your sister close, or like with most brothers and sisters you only tolerate each other's existence?
  10. She's 15. *need 50 characters**need 50 characters*
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