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  1. hehe, that's cool.
    So how old is your sister?

    *needs 50 characters*
  2. Yeah. My sister is about to learn how to drive and that should be interesting.
  3. Lol, that reminds me of when I was learning to drive in someone's Van and because the traffic behind was so close to me, I actually drove off the road for a bit trying to make a turn.

    I can't say that my passengers were too happy about it, but it happens.
  4. Yeah, tell that to my dad, he was with me both times.(his hair is a little grey now)
  5. Lol, those just bring back all of the memories for me XD

    Oh well, no one's an expert at driving, even the most experienced drivers have a bad day at driving, so don't sweat it you'll do fine.
  6. Yeah, I've already almost run into a gas pump and a dumpster. I mostly likely will want a pickup.
  7. That's awesome!XD

    Well just make sure that you don't crash the car during your driver test, because i've done that before.:/ Good thing it was an imaginary wall and not a real one.

    So do you have any idea what kind of car you want?
  8. No but I'm working on it. I just have to get a few hours of supervised driving then take the test. After that I just have to get a car.
  9. Haha, that's the one thing i've come to like about foruming, meeting some nice girls, even if they don't live anywhere near me.

    Oh, I get it, it's pretty much the same here except we FINALLY have a public transportation system. Though i'll admit that it's not the nicest way to get around, being that it's still new so there are still a few "issues" with it, like how traffic has to pretty much stop because the bus stop is on the side of the busiest roads down here.:/

    So do you have a driver's license?
  10. Yeah, I meet my girlfriend online here. It's not a problem of age, it's transportation.
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