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  1. Oh cool, I love Italians!XD (but not as dinner, so no worries)

    So have you ever been to Italy?
  2. Yeah, I part Italian, so I'm attracted to anything with garlic or a tomato- based sauce. Yeah, it had regular spaghetti sauce.
  3. Nice XD I love pasta!XD

    Did it come in any kind of sauce or something?
  4. I'm doing good, just got done eating lunch (pasta, yum) .
  5. ^_^I'm alright, just chilling here in the library, and I mean that literally, it's freezing here.:/

    So how are you today?
  6. Yeah, that would be nice. So how are you?*need 50 characters*
  7. Okay, well thanks anyway.^^

    I know that in other forums it automatically changes depending on how many post you make, I just wish that they had it here.
  8. Not that I know of, but you should ask some of the people who have been on here longer than me, maybe they know.:/
  9. That and the fact that i'm forced to use the internet at the library.:/

    So is there a way to change your usertitle around here?
  10. Yeah I guess so. It's okay, I understand that most people can't be on here every day.
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