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  1. I guess that means that it's up to you and I to make sure that THIS forum doesn't end up dead.
  2. That's alright, I know the feeling. I really don't know, I really do not know.
  3. Hey,^^ sorry for the late reply, and it seems to be that way everywhere I go these days.

    Every anime forum i've been to seems to be losing members by the day, and some have even closed down. Are people just losing interest in anime and manga, or are they just not interested in talking about it?:/
  4. Yeah, I know, it's the same with the people, I have some friends who haven't been on in a year.
  5. Hehe, well that's okay.

    From what I can tell though some of the games here haven't been played since last year or the year before. O.O
  6. I'll agree to that statement. I can't remember the exact names at the moment.
  7. Sweet, games always make a forum better!

    Which ones have you played so far?
  8. Yeah, they are, but I've only played a few. But that's nice that your enjoying your time here.
  9. I really am, and i'm especially enjoying the arcade games here, they're fun!
  10. Yeah, it really is a good place to be at. So are you enjoying your time here?
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