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  1. well thank you;3 youre alright yourself
  2. Who knows, I think your all right though.*need 50 characters*
  3. omg!! XD me toooo! people wonder about me cause im always so happy and i say the most random things :3
  4. I was nicknamed that because I'm so wierd, people think I'm on something.
  5. so is mine!! ^o^ lol
  6. That is so ironic, cauze at school, my nickname is "Hippie"!
  7. its my hand it was a dress up day at school for like camo and stuff but instede i wore like hippie clothes^-^
  8. What is it exactly (I know it's a hand)? By the way I emptied my inbox to make room.
  9. thank you
  10. Okay, I'll get to that. I like your new Profile picture.
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