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  1. do you write ?
  2. My only real talent is making up things. Stories, places, people, the works.
  3. ^-^well im sure youve got to have some sort of talent.what is it?
  4. Believe it. I totally suck at art. My sister on the other hand has talent.
  5. i doubt sure you dont suck that bad.
  6. As much as I like the sound of that, the best I can draw is a stick figure that doesn't even have straight line.
  7. *blush*thank should post some pics so i can see yours.
  8. I checked them out. You have some real talent. More than me anyway
  9. theyre in my first photo album.just click on it and you can see em.
  10. No I haven't seen your others but I'd like to.
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