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  1. ive already almost done too!ill post a pic of it when im done.have you seen my others ?
  2. That sounds interesting you could do einstein as a clown (with some color changes he'd be perfect, he's already got the hair for it)
  3. fine^-^we have talent and art show next not sure which of my peices ill enter though.right now im working on a color pencil and graphite of albert einstien and a
  4. So how have you been doing lately since you've return to school
  5. sure is !
  6. Really, I was born in tennessee lol. Thats cool!
  7. ^-^lucky.i live in middle tennessee .
  8. Yep. I live in the southwest part of Idaho
  9. lucky!weve had several.nothing bad live in the west?
  10. No no tornados have ever hit here. this place seems cut off from the rest of the world. The worst things we get are moderate fires and storms.
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