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  1. Okay I got my character. Now I just need to find a way to send it to you. It is a big document.
  2. i totaly agrre with you! and yes there r so many !
  3. Thanks, now I'll just go and make my character. So many options (evil grin).
  4. So it's not just here that they block it? Well I'll just say it again, it is LAME!
  5. oh we have facebook and youtube blocked and some of yahoo! but not the ymail. oh and yea you can.
  6. I have been meaning to ask if I could create my own Akatsuki character
  7. yeah, they've got Yahoo!, youtube, and facebook blocked. It is extremely lame.
  8. they blocked yahoo?! that lame !
  9. Thanks, but it turns out that my school has restricted access to Yahoo! so I can't send emails to that site. But at least we can still chat like this.
  10. hey its okey ill send you a email as soon as possible.
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