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  1. i think or not? well now i'm confused well there are differnt levels when u can finish school, one is after 10 years and then 13/12 years when u do the abi to study at college... well at the moment where i#m living they started to cut off a year so i have 12 years school cause i make the abitur and now i#m in the 11th class
  2. Huh, I didn't realize we did it differently. How does it work over there?
  3. oh well like me but hn i do not really get the education system in america^^
  4. Any time. I'm a junior, so I have to finish this year, then one more year.
  5. thanks !!! i get it *hugs* say in which class are u in school? i still have one year left till i graduate
  6. Unapproved messages are the ones that say they are moderated. You can approve them by checking them then going to the bottom of your screen. (I think that's how it works.)
  7. D then it's alright say what is that about a unapproved visitor message? there are 2 when i open the notifications but i can't see them?
  8. Yeah, once you find it out, it's not that hard. It's good because I'm not dead.
  9. how could it be good when it's boring?! yeah nana pic thanks well before i did not get how to chnage them^^
  10. It's good so far, boring but good. I see you change your pictures. I like them.
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