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  1. yeah i will need it D: at the moment i just have too less time to learn them -.- how is ur school day?
  2. Ha, chinese food sounds really good right now. I wish you luck then.
  3. yep and the funny thing is we check every week who has learnt better vocabs and then in the end of the month the winner will be invited for chinese food
  4. Well at least you and your friend are learning together.
  5. yeeah well i have to say it's kind of self study^^ cause i was so stupid and haven't chosen it as a subject for my is not possible anymore so i learn with a book with cds with a my friend japanese together
  6. Japanese huh, that's pretty cool, I plan to take classes next year.
  7. well now i fell asleep^^ now i have to this stupid komework stuff -.- but well i will learn japanese vocabularys too cause tomorrow i will have lessons
  8. I'm good, just got done eating lunch, how about you?
  9. yeah well well me too but it's okey ;D there is some urbanisation and progress are u alright?
  10. You could say that. Although it's nothing as exciting as the Hidden Villages from Naruto.
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