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  1. yeah i#m from germany oh yeah but you can't get on at home right? what will u do today?
  2. In america we say the vice president, where do you live again? Yeah, I'm still at school, but I'm going home soon.
  3. thanks, i won't leave you anymore still at school? how is it going? yeah, the vize president or in america u would say the representative of the head boy? i dunno :O
  4. I'm good, just a little lonely since I couldn't talk to you. Your on student council?
  5. hey well that's true well much to do lately especially cause of the student counil planning? what about u?
  6. Hey, I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you?
  7. heeeeeeeey what's up? i'm vishi, yoroshiku !
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