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  1. See ya. Chat with you again tomorrow again if I can.
  2. good for you,ok my friend i gtg to sleep now see you tomorrow good night
  3. I'm currently watching a few animes, and I got more ideas for animes than I can keep track of.
  4. didn't see that my mistake what anime are you currently watching, do you have some suggestion for good animes?
  5. Nope, I'm turned 17 four days ago. Isn't that on my about me?
  6. I am 17 now you tell me you age i think you are around 18?
  7. I don't know. My age is on my "About Me" and I don't know your's so you tell me.
  8. every one have his reason.Just for curiosity you are older or younger than me?
  9. I consider myself a regular, but sometimes I can't get on for few months, but I get on when I can.
  10. you are a regular in this site because i see that you join this in 2010?
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