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  1. That's okay. Wow, that's a pretty good pic, nice job.
  2. omg sorry it didnt upload it! but its fixed now so ill add more to it later cuzz i got to find all my good pics for it. lol theres only one in it so far XD
  3. Okay cool, where's your album, because I don't see it. X)
  4. lol ya i know how that feels and my first pic is in the album now and ill try to add more later. i hope its ok
  5. It's okay. Sorry for my late reply, I've been having problems with my laptop.
  6. omg ive been so busy lol so my pics will be on here sometime this week cuzz all of the sudden my teachers just decided to giv us all this work so im sorry
  7. Okay, I'll look at them if they show up. How you been?
  8. lol fine and ive been doing alot of drawing so if my photobucket will upload them so i can change the size of them to get them to fit in the image limit here then i should have the album up sometime before wensday possibly.
  9. Okay, let me know when you get one up. So how are you?
  10. lol sure i'll see wat i can do or at least wat i can put in an album
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