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  1. You're probably right. So how are you today?
  2. lol it seems like everyone does at one point of their lives
  3. Hehe, yeah I would definitely know that, I used to live in the country.
  4. that sucks! ew i hate bugs! then u also hav to deal with ticks as well. but i guess living in the country is like camping every day. the bugs never end...
  5. Lol really, same here! They creep me out and one time after camping I had 8 bug bites on one hand and over 10 on one foot.
  6. lol sorry thats wat i ment. i thought they were already thro ending it...hhmm ill hav to check that again later. not only the fact that i get sunburnt, i usually get bitten alot so after one day of camping i hav 20 bug bites. not to mention the fact that i hate bugs freaks me out when i get near them!
  7. No, I'm watching it on a network called Toonami. Hehe, I'm not one so much either (I sunburn way too easily).
  8. oh so ur not watching it on adult swim? and its fine! lol hate camping tho...not an outdoors person.
  9. I don't know, I'm stilling watching it. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I was away camping.
  10. i will
    and didnt they air the last episode already?
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