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  1. Oh, Same here (with jobs). Since I don't have a car yet
  2. lol I need to find one but places around here are not hiring XD My car messed up earlier today and it needed a new battery and something else is wrong with it :P
  3. Heh. I never thought of that. But right now, I want to get a job... No more money ;=o=;
  4. lol Only thing I miss about school is friends and getting out of the house XD Other than that... I don't miss it ^^
  5. Ah? Sound great. How have you been? I'm will go to school in 2 days... -,-
  6. Yep they were fun ^^ I liked the pizza and cake. Yummy stuff XD
  7. Yea. I'm doing good. There is no school this weekend ^^ How was the birthday? Fun? *-*
  8. Hey how you been lately? Good I hope ^^ School still draining? lol I'm doing good. Went to some of my cousins birthday this past weekend. It was fun.
  9. Yeah... You right... Guess that there is nothing else better than wait for my destiny one XD
  10. XD Criminal, ops lol Well everyone likes to point out that we aren't married yet and that comes with restrictions.

    You'll find someone to love eventually. Never give up hope
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