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  1. You somehow sounded like a criminal... and it scare me a little, but you are so right about that when you fall in love... I wish I have someone to love too...
  2. lol I'm excited. I can't wait till we are legal able to do everything! I really thought I told everyone about it though XD

    I was going to wait, but you can't always control when you fall in love :P
  3. You didn't tell me, but... oh well. Hope you two will be happy together... And it sound pretty cool to have a fiance too... Well I still have a long way to go before that... :P
  4. XD You really didn't know. I thought I told everyone. Sorry I left you out of the loop But thankyou.
  5. FIANCE?! I didn't know you had a fiance, but... congratulation? Hope his foot will be better soon XD
  6. I'm good. Have to take my fiance to the doctors tomorrow to see about his foot. He messed it up somehow.
  7. I'm doing fine... I guess? Ah, well... I'm going to play football tomorrow with another school!! I'm so excited! >.<
    And what about you?
  8. Hey How are you doing! cha cha chaaaa! lol 50 character thinggy
  9. Heya! I accepted, so we are friend! XD
    Just kidding. How ya doing?? By the way you can kall me Ai or Ace <3<3<3<3
  10. You look to be in need of a new friend like me. SOoooo!!! How about it? ahahaha I run around these here profiles, making random friends that would seem to be fun to be friends with. Yep yep. :P I'm silly sometimes too. Anyway, hope to talk to you soon.
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