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  1. lol I'm good... I recently found out i have type 1 diabetes and have been working on getting use to that. Oh, and i'm still planning to get married to my Joe, just not so sure when now lol
  2. awww how nice thanks hey 2 u sorry im tired and i dont know what im putting
    i havent herad from u 4 ages untill now hehehehehhe hi how r u??
    what have u been up 2?????/
  3. ^ ^ Haven't heard from you in a while... thought I'd come say hey ^ ^
  4. welll i hope u dont get sick and i hope ur fiance gets better
    my nan went 2 hospital b/c she triped over on something and she went 2 c if she had broken anyhting but she hasnt she just sprained her leg really badly
    but its better than having a broken leg but the thing is tht shes got lung cancer aswell so hardly anything is going right 4 her
  5. no... my fiance was sick so I stayed with him, tho I will probably be sick soon XD
  6. what? who has a camera in their hand? what? huh?
    im glad ur doing good good
    did u got out 4 bonfire night last night???
  7. lol she has a camera in here hand :P I'm still doing good
  8. ok cool im n good @ taken what was the hint thing about??? anyway hw r u???
    bye take care
  9. lol I use to draw all the time, but now i'm more into my photography (hint why i like my foolie coolie siggy a lot) ^^
  10. i like the colour orange 2. ooooooo i drew (not trying 2 b big headed or anything) but it was the best drawing ive ever done i went on the internet and typed in D.N. Angel and theres a pic of dark angel and i drew it and it was really good
    i didnt colour it in b/c i might wreck it.sorry if i do sound big headed im not trying 2
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