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  1. *walks on profile and paws at name* "meow" =^-^= *walks away*
  2. hi hi X3! , it have been Loooooooooong time XD , how have you been ... =^_^=
  3. Hey there! It's been a while. thought I'd drop you a comment on you profile here lol ttyl
  4. XD aaaa sorry for the late answering ._. , we haven't talk to each other before but i will be happy by talking to you , and maybe you know me by seeing me comments on the threads XD and for me i think i know you as well i have seen some of your comments and your cutting thread XD yay ....=^_^=
  5. I know you? I think I know you... I feel bad but I think I do... I mean not in real life but on here. hahaha I'm bored and saw that you visited my profile thing. So I came to say hi. I think we've talked before, or I've read or seen your work, because you user name sounds like I know you (from here).
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