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  1. *Watches eat the whole thing*

    I KNOW IT, STINGY lol, and that was my proof.
  2. O.O Cupcake!!! *starts to stuff in mouth looks at hellknight* want a bite?
  3. LOL, you too are stingy,

    Heres a cupcake.

    *Gives cupcake*
  4. I am not stingy... selfish... yeah i am that quite often, but not stingy! lol

    It's fun just talking to you again for once
  5. your so stingy and selfish girl, why do I even bother to put it up? lol, but its fun having a little arguement.
  6. I would have been a veggie only person but i don't like veggies lol therefore i don't like meats either :P So there lol
  7. You eat meat and Veggies? oh come on now, even I could eat those, besides, I'm not a junky lol, gotta keep myself healthy you know?? *slaps self in the head* could had a V8. lol
  8. lol it's not that i eat it to fast... I just can't eat as much of my favorites foods. I can eat lots of meat and veggies but i don't like them that much. lol
  9. You gotta take your time on what you eat, there isn't any rush, and pretty much you ain't going nowhere lol.

    I try to rehearse
    I can't get into my zone
    So I decided to hire a scientist
    SO He can create me a clone.
  10. That's cool
    that's rad,
    and your rhyming
    truely wasn't bad!

    lol I'm doing okay... found out friday i'm diabetic XD which is life changing (can't eat my favorite foods as much)
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