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  1. Its been so long
    Since the last time you were here.
    But Don't worry though
    I never fall for Fear.

    You being gone makes me sad
    But I'll never be mad
    That'll just make me bad.

    I miss you my friend
    And I'm here to stay,
    So I'll say my hello

    Not bad for a old pro huh? LOL. hey DS good to see ya again, how you been?
  2. With pain I am distraught and lonely,
    from you whom I never hear.
    I come to your profile,
    to aleast acknowledge I care.
    I'm here to say hello,
    to you my fellow friend.
    And in the end i hope,
    you will say hey in return.

    tehe not bad for on the spot
  3. Just be careful and stay safe :P Don't want to miss you!
  4. Well just be careful, and don't get hurt anywhere Wouldn't want to miss you to much :P
  5. Could you get in trouble for doing a spiff change? I'm not really too sure about though, getting into trouble means Jail Time. lol, well anyways I got to call my army recruiter and tell him I'm joining the Marine Corps First, then the Army, I want to feel that experience in the Marine boot camp first. You know, get in the zone. LOL
  6. Yeah it's been a good little while since we've talked. That's cool. I know two people that joined the marines (i know a lot of people in the military because I was in JROTC) I'm doing well. Looking for a job still. But other than that I'm not up to much. :P
  7. Hey DS, how you doing? lol, its been a long time since we last talked huh?, Yeah I guess you heard huh? well I thought I was going in the Army, but instead I somehow passed the practice asvab for the marine corps, and I did a spiff change, so far I'm going to a Marine, and One day I'll be proud to say it. so how about you? its been what? 2 or 3 months since we last talked?
  8. Hey Cutie! How you been? Say your name somewhere the other day... don't remember where tho. Hope the military thing going well. ttyl
  9. HEY!!!! It's been a long time since I've talked to you! How are you? Hope you're doing okay. I'm getting married! Image that haha.
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