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  1. Lol,yeah 50 cha,sucks. T-T
  2. Lol Hiya to yourself ^^ ...........................50 characters... cha.
  3. Hola Just wanted to say hi. ^^
  4. *walks on to profile and looks around* Hey hey! *realizes someone is reading* uh.. uh.. XD I was bored and came to see you. Plus came to say hi. *Looks around again and then smiles* well talk to you later. *Walks away from profile*

    Seriously, I was a little bored.
  5. Lol. Yep. I get distracted with Animal Wonders so much X3! Oh well. ^^
  6. lol That's good to hear. Lately I hadn't came here much because of other things, but I started watching anime again so this place was the first place I came too. XD OOOoooo hey we're on at the same time XD
  7. I'm so busy with my site I don't come here often much anymore . But the fact some people remember me is awesome!!!! Whooooo! *Claps and cheers* Whoo! LOL
  8. Hahaha Yeah I get bored too. Haven't really been big usually on the profile thing but yeah. Usually just leave random comments and say hi's to peoples I know. WOOT! I'm glad you remembered me *giggles* It's been a while since I've really talked to people on here. XD
  9. Hi!!!!!!!!!! ^^. It has been a while!!!!!! LOL. OMG you remember me too?'re so sweet Lol. ^^. I'm fine..a bit bored but oh well! ^^ You?
  10. Hey girly! How have you been? Hope you're doing well. Haven't talked to you in a while and thought I'd stop by. It's been a long time, hope you remember me. hahaha
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