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  1. I'm not brave enough to get my toung pierced :P Though I have always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced.
  2. I got my tongue pierced tonight and my fiancee changed his mind on getting married soon.
  3. I hope it goes well for you. ^ ^ My wedding went well. I'm happy ^ ^
  4. Wow that is only a couple of days away...I bet you can't wait. Ya I'm getting married in a couple of months so I'm pretty excited.
  5. Getting married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Still no children, though I'm not wanting any at the moment. He's the same guy I've been dating for the past two years. ^ ^ I'm excited.
  6. Yeah and I'm praying that I didn't get pregnant life is just a mess right now. So how are you?
  7. A second one already? lol Congrates tho. Glad they are both good and healthy.
  8. Sorry it's taken so long to reply I've been busy with my second pregnancy and the delivery of him...So congratz on the date!
  9. I'm getting married January 29th... Finally settled on a date lol ^ ^ Hope you and the baby are doing well lol
  10. Well we are getting married in about 2 months. We have our second baby on the way I'm 11 weeks pregnant.
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