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  1. Anymore, I read the manga before the anime. I'm still watching the naruto series, Finally got around to watching all of Love Hina, and then been watch some other episodes of others when I can. I work 12-14 hours shifts usually so I watch it only when I can.

    And yourself? What have you been watching lately?
  2. I are well. Just got back to the dorms and left my MP3 player at home my parents drove all out here. To make sure I got it. =3 There very kind, but besides that. I am great. I can't wait to go shopping.

    What animes you watching these days?
  3. aw... all you remember are the fonts I use XD Well guess that's better than not haha

    I'm doing well. And yourself?
  4. Oh but my memory sucks, but I remember the color of your font's

    How meant you be.
  5. Hey Mr. K! It's been a long time since I've talked to you too! How have you been? Good I hope.
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