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  1. sounds good thax...yeah that will do for now............
  2. sure, I'll take pics and show them to you too if you'd like.
  3. yeah i wish i could do that i an't gona ask if i can go cuz if i do ask about my friends...any way have fun for me 2 okay.
  4. My fiance and I are going to take a road trip to get away for a month. But yeah... I understand what you mean.
  5. see no that is what they don't get...pepole like me it feels as if we're drowning in what pepole think of we're use to them and when the lable us it just puts us futher under than what we are and we don't whan to show it so we put on a smlie for the world to see...and say we're fine but it make it harder to go with that...All truly want is to have my friend and go up to the mountans and disaper and have some peace from the expections of the world.sorry it's son long it hard to keep it in side for so long.
  6. I use to not have a good outlook until i met the man of my life.
  7. your brightin me up.........i'm not exactly the one who has the best out look on life.
  8. lol true true... Random people make the world laugh like Robin Williams.
  9. yeah i'm sure i i meen if there was no randones this world would be no fun now wold it.
  10. Nice to meet you I'm DS! WOOT and yes I like to play the ds (mario party is my fav) ^^ I can be random, but if your sure you want to be my friend lol
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