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  1. Sorry cuz i did not reply.. i was busy that time >.< but hey to u too How you doing??
  2. Lol silly Labs are nightmare to me unless if i know what i am doing and im not really good with fixing stuff,... >.<
  3. Hey Ray! Saw that you were online so I thought I would say hey! ^^
  4. Actually the lab part was pretty easy. It was the loud, scary machines that i was afraid of haha
  5. My... machine operator and Lab Technician.. o.O Don't sound complicated but i know its a lot of work... lol... No wonder... cool.. ^^
  6. Lab tech and machine operator at a factor near where I live.
  7. Oh my.. o.O sounds like real tiring... What you working as?
  8. No I haven't forgotten about you! I was working 14 hour shifts and just got on early yesterday morning. I couldn't sleep...
  9. Darky has forgotten all about me >.< how sad~ *sighs* *sulks*
  10. Ahh... been though busy times ^^ I see... im glad to hear u are doing ok too

    you just moved right? So.. how's the new place? ^^
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