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  1. Not much. ^_^ Finally finished moving stuff around, and finally made my new place feel like home. Plus been working. Always working. XD Glad to hear you're doing well.
  2. Darky! @.@ Hey! How u doing my friend ^^ Yea.. gee.. what u been up to?
  3. Hey hey ray! hahaha How have you been? Haven't talked to you in a while.
  4. Lol I already have one.. im envious because you getting married so soon : x I wish my gf lives nearer.. but she is so far away on the other side of the globe...*sighs* I wish i can do well in the Exam then get there to study
  5. Thankyou... And someday you'll choose the right girl to be with forever, maybe. *thinks to self* it is rayme.... *looks up* oh uh... just thinking haha
  6. Wow!! ^^ Thats cool! Congratulations darky Im glad for you and envious... Sheesh,...
  7. I'm doing great. I'm getting married in about a year, so i'm looking forward to that
  8. xD

    How you doing?! ^^ ehehe... I see... graduated.. congrats ^^ what you up to now? working? college?
  9. *blinks and talks to self* man people keep finding out i'm on line *realizes rayme is there* Oh hiya! Yep yep it's me. Sorry I haven't been on like I use to XP been busy since I graduated haha how are you?
  10. *looking at you* *blinking eyes* *stares closer* @.@ Darky..? is that you?
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