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  1. lol yea im alive xD sorry for the long reply like a month or to school and stuff @.@ i hate school @.@
  2. no i don't have msn... I got yahoo tho. But either way, nice to know you're alive :P
  3. hey lol ive been not online i see xD i got msn d u have msn
  4. hey hey!!! How goes it? swell i hope havent' talked to you in a while thought i'd come by and say hey!
  5. haha I get bored a lot too. ^ ^ I'm not up to much as usual... what about you, other than being bored, what have you been up too?
  6. O_O ummmmmmm im borded wat u up to..................................
  7. Lol ^^ Not much looking back at old stuff, aka old posts. Yourself?
  8. yay ive been added xD yay *glomps* and im ok i guess so wats up
  9. lol No problem and yes i added you ^^ it's nice to meet you ^^
  10. yo wats up nice to meet u ty for the post umm could u add me ^.^
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