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  1. Well, lets hope that it will...especially with winter coming up. I dont know if you get any snow over at where ever you live but still, the winter conditions are not ones to be taken lightly. ^^;

    Well, nice chatting with you again DS but unfortunately I must be off for the night. I'll see ya around when chance allows.

  2. I know what you mean. I haven't been able to buy any new manga lately XD It's all went to the car. It's a 2000 dodge intrepid (I don't like dodges either). Just put new tires on it, put in a new battery and alternater, and now have to buy new computer. I have to make it last.
  3. Bah, cars...who needs 'em?

    ...well, in this day and ages I'd assume the majority of people but personally I wish the world could do without it. I for one am not too fond of cars for numerous reasons. For one I was nearly killed by one when I was just but a wittle child. (yes, even a person like myself was a child. LOL) and two, they just burn a hole through our wallets!! My first car "died" (Literally came to point beyond repairs) not even 6 months after I bought it!! (wasnt a huge loss since I bought it from friend for $800) As for my current car...cost me $3300 and in the last couple years I've put in about $6000 in repairs and tune ups...Graagh!!!! (T^T) Think of all the anime and games I could have bought!!!!!!
  4. Yep. Been doing fine. Only thing that makes life life is my car. It needs a new brain aka: computer. It's going to cost me two or three pay checks to fix it. But other than that, it's all good.
  5. Muwahahah~ Well thats a perk about being a Mod here. As for myself I've been fairing ok I guess. Not a great life but cant say its bad either...if anything I'm just going with the flow of things. ^^;

    It has been a while though eh? Hope that you've been doing ok yourself.
  6. So not fair. I wanted to hind from you. Haha Hope you have been doing well though. Glad to see you one when I was on. It's been a while. =^-^=
  7. Hey, I may only be a "Gallery" Mod but a Mod is still a Mod, I can see EVERYONE on the site. Muwahahahah~
  8. I see you ^^ But can you see me haha :P

    Saw that you were on so thought I'd say hey ^^ So... Hey haha
  9. ^^ Hey hey! How goes life with you? Good I hope ^^
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