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  1. I just went to see a conference on the English and Jewish communities in Quebec for the past 2 days. I also just watched the play ''Les Misérables'' at ''Le Capitol'' at the Old Quebec. Nice play. ^^
  2. I'm good. Been doing the same things I always did. I have not been writing much these days though. The few times I've tried, I only get to a point and the work seems unfinished. I still draw every once in a while, but lately I have been working on my photography. That and working many jobs. XD
  3. Time has passed....lots of stuff is a blast....friends are complicated, friendship is a big jigsaw puzzle, life is good. And you?
  4. Hey! I haven't talked to you much since the first few months I joined. XD How have you been? Do you remember me?
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