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  1. lol I never really did mine XD

    but they asked people what they wanted and yeah.
  2. Stupid, that was one of the things that set AO apart from other sites.... The fact that you could do up your profile page to show your interest.... stupid.... it was my fav things about the site.
  3. yeah... I don't really remember why but they had a reason... lol oh and i know she created another one... but um idk lol :P
  4. Yeah, hold on, I have the new site link here..... *raises eyebrows* hey I have a stupid random question.... My profile page is gone, did they get rid of them?
  5. lol no just never saw you on here lol that's all. I saw that princess shut down anime wonders :| didn't know what to think haha
  6. Cha baby it's me .... found??? Dang it, was I lost again? I do have a way of wandering off on people... lol
  7. lookie who i found!!! This is Jake right? Hope so lol
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