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  1. Thanks. Got the paper done with hours to spare. I'm actually at work right now, just waiting for lunch to come around. This week's been a real gong show so far.
  2. that is awesome. I always wanted to go to that, but I never did cause my grand parents weren't feeling well and they really wanted to go too. so I didn't go cause I didn't want to make them feel bad that they missed taking me to my first stampede. I wish you luck on the paper though.
  3. anime club, eh? pretty cool. I'd join, but I'm writing a paper for my online summer course. 15 pages and it's due on Sunday. The Williams Lake Stampede was just last weekend and I finally bought myself a cowboy hat. I wear it all the time now. The parade was good, too.
  4. cariboo region. I use to live in Wells BC near barkerville. I loved it there. I must say the Cariboo region was one of my favorite places. sorry I been busy fixing up the anime club in kelowna I started. your welcome to join it, its on facebook.

    Blossoming Anime Kelowna Club
  5. well, that's a good way to be I'm from the cariboo region, interior B.C. and it's a good thing I got a little hyper 'cause it made posting online interesting. Is the weather getting hot with summer here yet? Forest fires get pretty bad down there, don't they?
  6. lol. I am in the okanagon in BC. but I do tend to go to vancouver once in a blue moon. lol sorry, didn't mean to make you hyper. I am hyper right now cause I just got home from the movies.
  7. I think your hyper post just made me virtually hyper. Darnit! How am I going to sleep tonight?! (nothing against you, I'm just rambling...)
  8. lol, no worries. I'm from Canada, too. What province/area? I'm from B.C. Actually, it's kinda nice getting a message...I was just taking a break from homework. So how's your summer going?
  9. hi whats up? my name is Latisa and I'm from canada. where are you from? I was curious. don't mind me I am hyper right now
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