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  1. i feel the same way towards you /huggles and kisses you
  2. you are my love nowxD and forever more, so get used to it xD
  3. im fine and happy thanks to my four best friend two guys and two girls
  4. Happy new year xD XD how are you? are you doing okay ?
  5. Hope your doing good like always we better talk later on xD
  6. well i hope we don't gain weight that much i'm lazy to do this 50 character long
  7. Thats nice to hear. LOL i feel the same way--Eating too much-- >.>
  8. thanks air i did have lots of fun and did lots of eating
  9. Hope you had alot of fun *smiles* with family&friends
  10. i love you as well so much chat with you on msn 50 characters long /kiss
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