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  1. storm wolf how are you i miss you and hello /huggles
  2. lol it's lunch break now share's some spaghettti with you
  3. Lol. I aced my typing class. I was the fastest typer lol. I typed 144 words a minute when I was in that class. This is 3 letters or more btw. GWPM=144. Now my GWPM=like 120 lol.
  4. computer class lol just doing speed typing which is im not that good at
  5. Lol. Ima try to do the same thing tomorrow. Hop on during class. lol. So what you doing in class?
  6. im fine and great lol i have class right now hope my teacher won't notice it
  7. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
    How are you????
  8. yes i am almost logging off i hate time flying fast
  9. You are 14 hours ahead of me lol...................
  10. it's 11 29am here saturday morning im just doing regular stuff
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