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  1. Totally noob bro.. xD i need to know how to play it first
  2. ok let me know when u can! ^^ or whenever but u are good at rpging right?
  3. sorry dude dont have much time to play hehe

  4. hey i was wondering if you wanted join my naruto rpg titled Narut: Rise Of Stardust Village.
  5. I see thanks ^^ I'll think about it... good luck with it btw ^^
  6. No prob. just join whenever u have time.^^ i need some players before i start anyway and it'll take awhile.
  7. Thanks for the offer... but doesn't seem like i'll be having time to spare for such activity ^^ sorry..
  8. Hi I just created a new rpg in the idea section called Devils May Cry: A New Beginning. Let me know if your intrested.
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