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  1. hey, man how ya been? havn't seen u in a while holdin up all right?
  2. just so you know if i don't reply to the bleach thread it's because sometime this week or next week im changing internet services and on top of that my computer needs to be fixed.
  3. then again things are getting ready to start back up like school etc so u might have to talk to the cheif and see if u can work something out so he doesn't close the thread he might understand.
  4. if these still people playing or not then you maybe you get promoted but that on the count if the people like dangergirl Ahidko are not playing then your may be promoted to Lt ok so if you can find more people to play that are online as much as you are then we may still have a game.
  5. well u know im playing. plus my character didn't get to use his zanpakto yet.... WAIT if u r look 4 new people and stuff do i get promoted!? 0_0
  6. thanks and its no prob for me i want to use somthing that fun and easy to remember OH sorry iv now gone to see your rpg yet ill take a look right after i get done sending messages to all the people that are or are not playing the bleach rpg ok.
  7. hey how ya holding up? Oh and i don't know y it took me so long to notice but your name walterguy is kinda catchy ^_^
  8. Hey Walter, I just Created a new rpg called Devils May Cry: A New Beginning in the rpg idea section tell me if your intrested and pass the word to others that might join. Also i just created a protoype rpg.
  9. take that post out of the hollow i need you to pm my it ok
  10. i now i been sending post along time now so if you can find some new people that is wanting to play then all the marrier ok
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