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  1. I don't know if u noticed but the other two haven't been posting. is this going to delay the rpg or what? cause they are kinda delaying the fun.
  2. What is your favorite rpg? mine is final fantasy. Ever since my friend introduced me to final fantasy 7? the one with cloud i think? I've been a Final Fantasy fan ever since then.
  3. You are so right. my apologize. i'll edit it. forgot about that part.
  4. ha about bleach you need to read man the group in the living world is under attack by lighting bolt and there trying there hardest to dodge them it in there just read back one or two pages its in my post.
  5. sorry if i send too many pm's walterguy hope it doesn't upset you
  6. not i eny more he at LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. oh and by the by ur character is beating the hell out of ashiko HAHAHA!
  8. ok. i just though i'd asked cause it didn't occur to me up till now.oh and tell me what u think of my game i'am developing. search mmorpg and look for darkninja.
  9. The At Is True But Really Im Looking For A Differenettype Of Strengh
  10. now that i think about it. isn't the bleach rpg test of strenght more like a test of skills?
    cause a test of strenght is more like being able to lift objects and crushing stuff etc. just need clarifaction if i misunderstood this. plus since were fighting one another it be more like a test of skills.
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