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  1. ha check out the occ thread that is used for us to talk out of character
  2. ya that the point in rpgs your play it like your that character of person you play in game for real but not to real ok just play cleanly and fun an you'll be happy ok
  3. this rpg thing we are doing fells sooo real if u visualize it. like ur actually in it!!!
  4. everyone check out my thread called mmorpg bleach and look 4 darkninja tell me what u think
  5. hi make your character with sheet i sent you ok ill give your rank after the test. hes one

    test 1

    get paper and make a 7 by 7 grid a-g and 1-7 your are to take a group of soul reapers to the end of a path that you. you start from grid a1-7 go up to g1-7 it has to be a line no cross overs like d1 to f2 it has to be d1,d2, to f2 ok these test is one of three test to become my 2Lt and 3Lt in the squad ok. good luck
  6. Name: Ryu Kuzunoha A.K.A Master of swords





    Zanpakutō:"Crescent moon dragons". a sealed swicth blade named Yamato sealed by chains like off of ninja blade for 360. only to be used in emergencies and his other zanpakuto is a swich blade when drawn unleashes a powerful shockwave and is then enveloped in spirtuial energy.Since his zanpakuto means crescent moon dragons it splits into two forms.

    Shikai: Hear my cry and break the bonds "Crescent moon dragons" (Sougetsu-ranburyuus).

    Form1: Along the sharp end of the sword are fangs of a dragon that will rip enemy to shreads.

    Form2: Light to him but heavy to others is a very blunt blade used to crush the heavyest of armors.

    Bankai: looks like sora ultimate form from kingdom hearts 2 but in black with chains hanging from waist and a dragon chain around his neck. blade becomes as long as septhiroth's blade but a little shorter.This happens only if it's drawn or drawn after his bankai does it take form.

    Abilites:Master of sword weilding and hand-to-hand combat. somewhat good at using incantations, can make anyone laugh except the serious ones, and when serious his powers are almost equal to a captain's.

    Disadvantages:Zanpaktoe is sealed by a chain and is never to be used unless its an extreme emergency. When zanpaktoe is used his spritual energy drops little by little but decreases even faster when using flash step and other techniuqes. reaction time is slower and can't flash step as fast.

    Bio: long before Ryu joined the soul society Ryu was exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and very skilled with swords. He knew so many technquies that he thought the battles he fought wasnt fair so he mostly uses his hands and feet.But if push comes to shove he will eliminate the enemie(s) without hesiatation. Ryu love to help people on thier missions because it gives him future experince for battles to come. As time past Ryu learned a technqiue that allows him to use spritual energy as an armor reduceing battle damage. but before Ryu can progress in his training to learn bankai he must 1st confront his past and inner demon. funny thing about Ryu is even though he's mostly serious he is also good at practical jokes. hes also that type of person who perfers to sometimes do high rank missions to release strees solo ones to be exact but nontheless he still will co-op with others. Others wonder why he carries a Huge trianguler Buster Blade Sword. But later down the line when the time comes for him to use his bankai and he use the technique he developed to use spritual energy as armor with his bankai the results are out of this world.
  7. hi im doing a bleach rpg and i was just wanting to now if you join it just take a look at it start if you like it read the rule on it in the character thread in the rpg occ its called bleach- tales of the 14th squad and pm my your character before you post it ok.
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