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  1. hi how r u Darkshaadow231?
    lol hahaha gud luck with that!
  2. hello there...just saying hi...and getting off for the night
  3. does u know any good anime to watch from computer?hmmm? if so please leave it on my page :P cause i get real bored of watching same episodes like that death note lol
  4. hahahah
    thats funny the computers that i used is to fast.....
  5. my computer is dumb compared to my laptop lol but i like it least i can download games on my computer but im not allowed on the laptop my parents think it well slow it down so i said o well i guess lol
  6. true the laptop is faster thats what im using!!!!!!!
  7. hope it well go on soon if not ill just watch it on my computer lol or on my laptop my computer sucks lol laptop is much faster xD
  8. um i just want to see it now but never on!!
    its gone for me!
  9. well the reruns i hate the most cause i see it alot i seen the same episodes 3 times already i dont like that wish they would just continue lol o well i guess
  10. I hate them to but i want to see what happenes at the end!!!!!!!!!
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