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  1. kisses?? ♥ ♥(alt + 3) haha,,LOL... im working on our fanfic.. (the adventures of hyper duo).. im serious... is it ok for you??? ....
  2. best friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (i cant do the harts thing so ill just do kisses) hahahahaha... ty im in a good mood now
  3. how do u know im in front of my laptop??? Yeah, of course nobody will break your record...So? bestfriends??? ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. i hope we are best friends otherwise i wont break my record (just kiding) lol i just though of something if we were standing right next to each other and we were both ona laptop or somthing and we didnt even realize it!!! here come the hyper duo!!! :P
  5. yeahhhh.. it seems that we are bestfriends now aren't we????
    --hyper ayami
  6. i dont see why not!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... hyper duo sounds good is good and the people in it are awsome am i right???
  7. i gues your too hyper to function aswell... bwahahahahahahaha!!! na we dont have a prom at all i meant their might be a dance but its unlikley the teachers will become intelligent enough to add that too ther SOOOOOO long scheldule in the day!!! sad thing though britain would be a nicer place if they did do proms. wha u up 2???
  8. waaaahhh..'ll gonna enjoy it.................

  9. awsomeness at hand, although... in britain we dont have proms or whatever you call them were just plain party all the time!!! (and as usual im hyper)
  10. ... our prom just finished last night *^.^* ... one of the night that i will remember
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