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  1. Lol yeah. My parents are leaving to IL. and letting me stay home and I am going to spend my whole Christmas brake and he gets to stay with me at my place hehe. I am so happy about it hehe.
  2. jeah pissed of penguin is a funny sight one of my aims in life is to go to the artic and nick a penguin's lunch... it will be funny just need to hope they dont atack me get pecked to frikin death lol
  3. Like a pissed of penguin haha now that's funny. XD
  4. well my mum got mad my dad stoped her getting anoying about how i could have got the cold, etc, by pissing himself laughing at the sight of me walking through the snow like a pissed of penguin!! lol
  5. we only have a lil snow right now. I hope to get even more so we could have a snow day! wow so your mom got mad over that?
  6. sweet stuff here it not snowing much any more but weve got alot of it.
    its realy cold here as well lolz exept i decided to be stupid and went out in a t-shirt and shorts lol my mum was realy not happy
  7. Guess what its snowing over here! lol. Also, it is so cold! lol I am like freezing lol.
  8. O.O I want snow ...... I wanna play and miss school and have alot of snow days haha that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sweet dealz we still got snow and even more than before now
  10. Omg there snow already down where your at? that's awesome!!!! O am just happy I have been out of school all this week I been Hanging out with my boyfriend all this week so its been fun!
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