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  1. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im not doing much now kinda bored its snowing like hell but nobody wants to have a snowball fight they all say "oh sorry but were too old, and its childish..."
    hehe childish my but!!! their gona come out the hard way coz all of em love payback so a just rush into their house and shuv snow down their shirts!!! he once that is done we get the girls lol still figuring a plan to get them out lol it shall be fun
    you got snow yet or still autum winds and pissing rain lol we got our snow early suprisingly
  2. XD Yeah sounds good and awesome! Sounds like a pretty good town omg I can't wait till next week hopefully my boyfriend and I will go to the FAIR!!! That would be so much FUN! I so can't wait!!!!!!!!! so how has ur day been anything going on???????????????
  3. lolz naaaaaaa not realy lol just a huge frikin continental mareket!!!!!!!!! and like amazin food lol jeah dumfries is busy place (the town im living in) its pretty good nice food and all that ass a said theres a fair on aswell which is fun they got a bigass set of rides and all that
  4. Hey how have you doing anything new going on?????????????????
  5. Yeah I write poems I love writing them I just posted another one too.

    yeah I kinda do miss zach but I am getting over him lil by lil and I am with someone ease that I do love so its okay.

    Oh really lol?
  6. not realy sure what am doing dis weekend hangout have fun probably a bit of freeruning with ma mates and dat and you write poems?!?!?!?!?!?
    and your right i should check em out what they about????
    u doin much this weekend and also just as a note:
    you probably miss zach coz its more quiet and your not used to that my girlfriend is like that lol
  7. I have wrote 2 poems and I am going to post em on here you should really check em out!!!!!!!!!!! also I have been good I have a new boyfriend named Roger and Zach and I broke up because we kept fight and arguing...... sadly I do miss him thou.... but oh well. I have been really happy and HYPER also~!~!~!~!~ lmao so what you doing this weekend???????????????????????????
  8. daaaaaaaaaaark angeeeeeeeeeeeel lolz as usual im hyper ive not been up te much just chilin and indeeed long time no chat!!!!!!!! lolz u been up to much??????
  9. Hey long time no chat how have you been anything new??
  10. ha my mums to lazy to take my computer away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz
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