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  1. no i tryed to get him to sign up on here but he wont pluse his mom took his comp. lol so waz up with u anything new going on?
  2. lolz yes it awsome im still hyper though the rockstar must have done it though im at school so im hidding the hyperness very well... other than that is this "zachs" guy on AO??????
  3. i'm good thanks nm just going to zachs place today and stay till july 5th!!!!!!! ur hyper? 0.0 AWSOME!!! lol sounds awsome lol.
  4. heloooooooooooo!!!! hows u just as a note im as usual hyper buuuuuuuut i just had about 50 cans of rockstar!!!!!! lolz part fromz that wha u up2???
  5. yep it is cool lol sry for the long awaited reply i was campin at the weekend lolz
  6. yeah, the normal age for graduating from high school i would say would be 18-19 lol. o.o your swedish? thats pretty kool.
  7. i think it because i went to school when i was like a year to young for britain but the normal age for what it was to begin at in holland (small note thats where im from but im swedish long story) so i think thats what it is but more of an advantage to me than being to old lol like the rest of my school
  8. yeah, i'm at school right now to. going to be gratuating next yr thank god lol. i'm 18! oh really thats kool.
  9. lolz that might be it aswell but one thing suks above all "IM STILL AT SCHOOL..." not nice but howcome ur leavin now coz im leavin when im 17 and ill have finished all my basic school and i can go to uni or college
  10. lol wow sounds busy and fun. yeah, maybe that could be it or the fact school is almost over and i feel like i'm on a SUGAR rush lol.
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