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  1. soz for late reply life's been alrigth.
    a bit a problems because im getting more easily pissed of at the moment at things.
    my doc's put it down to insecurity. so i have got my goods and bad's.
    what about you though all good?
  2. heya ^__^
    how have u been
    and hows life going on ?
  3. not realy just sort of a person thats amusing but i have been considered that jes and i am 15 and my ancestory is screwed up, im dutch and i have 7 advances highers coming my way next year happy...
    but i takes it thats not the answers youz wants lolz
  4. oh so u a smart guy =D
    just what u like
    country n stuff ^^
  5. um what kind og intro though lol the flamboyant nutcase or the sillent guy in the corner???
    i tend to have split personalities for some reas those are my main ones though...
    but simply i fall under the category of hectic and too smart to get an a in anything lolz ;D
  6. n________n
    so can i get a small intro ???
    if u dont mind
  7. cool stuff talking about later reply mines worse though lol
  8. Hiiiiiiii
    Thanks for accepting my request ^__^
    n sorry for replying so late
  9. elooooooooooooooooo dont know you lolz but u added me as a friend so meh
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